Service Community launch UK Insight Events at Cranfield University

The next event by UK non-profit organisation the Service Community has been announced… 

Field Service professionals can reserve their place for free at this next Service Community event to be hosted by the Centre for Through-Life-Engineering Services (TES) at Cranfield University by emailing

The event will be the afternoon of the 12th May from 13.00 – 17.00. Before the session begins, there is also a great opportunity to visit the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality lab at the OpEx institute, where you can dip into what these technologies might bring to the future of service delivery. Space is limited for this tour, so please state in your email if you want to attend the VR/AR visit.

Cranfield University  is one of the worlds leading global research establishments into TES and is working closely with industry leaders such as Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Babcock, Siemens and BAE, to establish within UK government a National Policy for Services in Manufacturing & Technology.

This event is the first of our Insights Series, where we aim to provide service leaders with practical hands on insights into one of 5 themes that will stretch across many industries including software, technology as well as manufacturing:

  • Moving to the Cloud
  • New Service Revenues
  • Art of Transformation and change
  • Workflow management : soft skills, processes and scheduling
  • From Reactive to Proactive business: Customer Success, Consumption Gap

The agenda for the 12th May is no exception:

  • 12.00: Virtual reality / Augmented Reality lab visit
  • 12.30: Pre-Meeting coffee, biscuits,  networking
  • 13.00: Welcome and introduction from Mathew Caffrey (Mngr Op Ex institute Cranfield)
  • 13.15: Impact of VR/AR on Services & the Servitization Business model – Professor Howard Lightfoot (Cranfield)
  • 14.00: The Challenge of scaling and expanding a service operation to support a rapidly expanding technology business – Ian Cockett (Services Director Cygnet Texkimp)
  • 14.40: Networking Break
  • 15.20: Creating a Customer Success Culture – Chris Farnath (Director Customer Success at Allocate Software)
  • 16.00: Moving from a Opex to Capex, cloud based business model – Colin Brown (Managing Director Tesseract)
  • 16.40: General Discussion & Wrap up
  • 17.00: Meeting Closed

To sign up for the event and the tour, please email Event logistics will be sent out nearer the date.


Howard Lightfoot: A leading expert on Servitization having co-written the book ‘Made to Serve’ with Professor Tim Baines

Ian Cockett: Service Director at Cygnet-Texkimp Ltd, a specialist manufacturer of equipment for the global fibre and fabric, plastic, foil and film processing markets. Previously Ian was Director of Service Operations at Bosch UK’s heating division running a service team of over 300 engineers.

Chris Farnath: An experienced Services Director working mainly in the Software and Technology arena, Chris’s current challenge is creating a Customer Success culture and will be sharing & discussing the challenges he faces in his current role. Chris is also a member of the Service Community leadership team.

Colin Brown: Colin is MD/Founder of Tesseract, a leading Service Management solution provider. In this presentation he is going to concentrate on the business challenge of moving from a transactional business model to a pay as you go model through a Cloud based technology platform. In particular how this has changed the business model of his company.

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