Next Service Community event announced! 30th September

The next event of the Service Community will be the held on the 30th September 2015 from 12.30 to 17.00. We are very lucky to be hosted by the Aston Business School, where Professor Tim Baines, Director of the Aston Centre for Servitization Research and Practice leads one of the largest UK teams looking to support UK manufacturing be more successful through service based business models.

This special event is themed on a current key industry issue:

‘Using Big Data to achieve successful customer Outcomes’

Dr Andreas Schroeder from the Aston Business School will provide a perspective based on leading edge research as to how to overcome the challenges of leveraging the big data opportunity to deliver successful  customer outcomes.

We will then hear from industry speakers as to the hands on challenges their companies have faced in using data to create competitive advantage.

  • Andrew Harrison will be talking about the how Rolls Royce Aerospace use the data they collect from their engines to deliver new services and reduce costs
  • Jeremy Harpham from Pitney Bowes will present the role data is playing as this household brand transforms itself into a leading global e-commerce provider
  • Marc Noble will tell us about the role data has played in  Inca Digital’s journey to service excellence

The format will be very informal to encourage as much dialogue as possible, and if there is time we will have a Panel Q&A.

To register your interest and reserve a place – please send your contact details to

Please tell your colleagues about the event, which is free of charge.

For details of our last event in April where  35 professionals met at Fujitsu, Stevenage, see this link.

And for more background on this unique community of like minded people, see this link

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